Red Cross aims to reduce impact of disasters, climate change and other emergency situations

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The Philippine Red Cross is set to reduce the impact of disasters, climate change, public health emergencies, illnesses and other situations of violence for affected families and communities within the next five years beginning this year.

This is the goal of the Red Cross for 2012-2016 as it defines its strategic direction towards its vision to be the foremost humanitarian organization in the Philippines, in services provided and number of people served.

The PRC mission is to provide timely, efficient, and responsive humanitarian services to the most vulnerable in accordance with the principles and values of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The Red Cross will focus on four core areas covering disasters, public health emergencies, situations of armed conflict and other violence and the organization's capacity building.

PRC Chairman Richard J. Gordon said it will further intensify its recruitment and training of Red Cross 143 volunteers in every barangay (one leader and 43 members in every barangay) in the field of disaster management, health emergencies, blood service program, first aid, psychosocial support program and restoring family links, as well as in the promotion of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL). These trained volunteers will serve as humanitarian arms of the Red Cross on disaster response and in providing other humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable.

The Red Cross will also continue to expand and upgrade its life-saving equipment and vehicles as well as its information technology and communication tools.

Gordon said that with quality volunteers, efficient logistics and well-developed information technology, Red Cross can further strengthen its capacity to cope with the growing humanitarian challenges ahead.

Red Cross is also strengthening its resource mobilization efforts by building long term-partnership with Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement partners, corporate donors, hospitals, media and other stakeholders.

PRC Secretary General Gwendolyn Pang, on the other hand said, PRC is also strengthening its management staff by getting professional and competent staff who can produce quality output and commit themselves with the humanitarian ideals of Red Cross.

Pang further said the Red Cross also continues to strengthen their 100 chapters nationwide in terms of training and other logistical support.

The Red Cross thanked all its volunteers and supporters who have helped the organization carry out it various services during the past year especially in times of disasters and other emergencies.