REACH Assessment Fact Sheet #2

Originally published



To ensure a better response to shelter needs, the Shelter Cluster conducted a technical and socio-economic assessment of housing needs between 22 and 28 January.
Data was collected from 62 barangays across 10 municipalities, covering almost all affected areas. The surveys and focus group discussions considered all of the areas of concern referred to above. Specific needs of female heads of households; pregnant and lactating women; separated, unaccompanied and orphaned children; and those who are unable to rehabilitate or reconstruct their homes independently have also been recorded.

Damage to housing was assessed and classified in accordance with the following categories: i) no damage; ii) flood and mudflow damage; iii) partial, minor damage; iv) partial, major damage; and v) totally destroyed or washed away. Damage to as many as 70% of homes was recorded of which 30% of have been completely destroyed or washed away. Of those with housing damage, 77% are living at or below the poverty line. Many of the partially damaged houses are flood and mud-damaged and require debris removal and cleaning, while the remainder have limited structural damage. Major damage was reported for only 14% of those houses reported as being ‘partially damaged’.

The findings of this assessment will enable a better informed inter-cluster strategy to be developed for the rebuilding of homes and livelihoods, while also ensuring basic needs are met.