PRC humanitarian response to Typhoon Tisoy sets out

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The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) deployed a fleet of assets together with trained volunteers and staff to areas in Bicol forecast to be affected by Typhoon Tisoy, Monday, December 2.

A water tanker, ambulances, a food truck, a rescue truck and 2 rescue boats, a 10-wheeler truck and service vehicles were part of the convoy containing teams who are training-equipped and ready to assist the Red Cross chapters in the event of a disaster.

Since Typhoon Yolanda, PRC has prepositioned goods, equipment and rescue vehicles in advance through its regional warehouses to avoid road blocks and debris which may obstruct its assistance from accessing affected areas. The deployment of these convoys is part of the organization’s formula for an effective response combining volunteers + logistics + information technology = always first, always ready, always there.

The convoy of humanitarian response has been part of PRC’s logistic strategy in order to provide immediate assistance to the operations of Red Cross chapters. These assets are placed near chapters likely to be hit by a typhoon in order to give quick assistance and aid once the effects of the disaster become evident.

Apart from these vehicles and equipment, PRC has also made sure that it has volunteers on the ground who can relay information from the barangays, give updates about the situation in their areas and provide assistance as directed.

As Red Cross volunteers and staff on the ground help those displaced and evacuated due to the dangers of landslides and storm surges, Philippine Red Cross Chairman and CEO, Sen. Richard Gordon reiterates, “Always secure your families with your relatives so that you can concentrate on helping others. I am aware of the dangers that you will be exposed to but I ask you to remain steadfast and take courage, to lead your communities to help save lives and lend a hand to the most vulnerable. This is our calling in the Red Cross.”

PRC continues to serve persistently and work relentlessly to make a difference for the whole of humanity.