Philippines: Typhoons and floods Emergency appeal final report n° MDRPH012

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Nearly a year since the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) launched an emergency appeal to support Philippine Red Cross (PRC) in assisting people affected by typhoons and floods during the third quarter of 2013, the operation came to a close on April 2014, having assisted 16,400 families (82,000 people). The consecutive disasters, brought about by severe weather disturbances exacerbated by southwest monsoons, left at least 73 people dead, damaged or destroyed 126,000 homes and affected more than 5 million people. In general, the activities outlined in the emergency appeal have been achieved.

In summary, the following assistance was provided:

  • Non-food items (blankets, jerry cans and sleeping mats) to 3,500 families and mosquito nets to 2,000 families

  • Unconditional cash grants (worth PHP2,000) to 3,536 families

  • Hygiene promotion sessions conducted for 16,425 families

  • Shelter repair assistance (through provision of cash grant worth PHP10,000) to 274 families

  • Skeleton shelter to 55 families

  • Livelihoods assistance to 1,180 families

  • Rehabilitation of water and sanitation facilities for three schools

  • Water search and rescue and Red Cross Action Team equipment for three chapters

During the emergency phase that started in August 2013, PRC immediately swung into action by deploying response teams equipped with ambulances, amphibious vehicles, rubber boats and trucks among others to evacuate and transport people to safety. A total of 200 persons in Aurora province were evacuated and 3,600 were rescued to safety. A total of 10,562 families (52,810 persons) were provided with food packages consisting of five kilogrammes of rice, four packets of noodles and four cans of sardines. During the emergency phase, 5,000 families (25,000 persons) in evacuation centres were also given ready-to-eat meals through this appeal, distributed simultaneously as rapid assessments were conducted. The appeal also provided 6,500 families with hygiene kits, 2,000 families with mosquito nets and 3,618 others with blankets, jerry cans and sleeping mats, while 3,536 families were provided with unconditional cash grants worth PHP 2,000 (CHF 43).

Aside from the impact on shelter and livelihood activities, the weather disturbances increased the health risks of the population to diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, leptospirosis and other respiratory and waterborne diseases. The appeal allowed the PRC, mobilizing 300 community health volunteers, to reach 16,425 families with health and hygiene promotion activities using the health and hygiene promotion in emergencies (HHPER) approach.

As regards to early recovery, 274 families received shelter repair assistance while 55 families were supported in the construction of skeleton shelters. A total of 1,180 families received livelihoods assistance.

Three schools in Aurora province were supported in the rehabilitation of water and sanitation facilities, as they were damaged by the consecutive typhoons and flooding. Two latrines and one urinal were constructed in each school, with one school also provided with a hand-pumped water facility.
Further enhancing the capacity of Philippine Red Cross to prepare for and respond to disasters, three chapters of PRC – Aurora, Bataan and Nueva Ecija – as well as the National Headquarters were provided with equipment for their Red Cross Action Teams (RCAT) and water search and rescue (WASAR) teams.

The training for the teams was not undertaken within the timeframe due to the disruption by Typhoon Haiyan – which demanded re-deployment of key facilitators. The training will be undertaken during the second half of 2014 within the context of the Philippine Long-Term Planning Framework (LTPF) 2012-2015.. Each of the three chapters received essential IT equipment such as a desktop computer, a printer set, a projector set and a camera.

A total of CHF 1,272,583 was received for the appeal, of which CHF 1,131,728 was spent. The unspent balance of CHF 140,855 or 11 per cent of total contribution received will be allocated to the LTPF 2012-2015. The following figure showed the breakdown of the expenditures.

On behalf of the PRC, the IFRC would like to thank all partners for their generous contribution to this appeal. Donors who have any queries or clarification about the reallocation of the unspent balance are requested to contact the IFRC Asia Pacific Zone Office within the next 30 days.