Philippines – Tropical Cyclone Kai-Tak (ARISTOTLE, NDRRMC, Media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 17 December 2017)

  • On 17 December, Tropical Cyclone KAI-TAK (named URDUJA in the Philippines) has weakened into a Tropical Depression and is crossing the Samar Sea. Kai-Tak is expected to move slowly to west across the Central Philippines through the next 2 or 3 days. In past 2 days there has been 500-900 mm rainfall across central Philippines, causing floods and landslides.

  • According to Media, three people were killed and thousands have been evacuated. On 17 December, The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) has reported 19 people injured, 87 719 people evacuated inside and 198 outside evacuation centres and power cuts in 39 municipalities. NDRRMC reported that the total affected population is 221 953.

  • As Kai-Tak moves to west, it allow drier conditions to follow across island Samar, but will produce heavy rainfall (up to 600mm) across other parts of the Central Philippines and also down the eastern side of Luzon (northern Philippines). Further severe flooding and landslide impacts are likely through the next few days across the central part of the Philippines.