Philippines Response Needs Assessment Report - Northern Cebu, January 2014

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1. Executive Summary

Typhoon Yolanda, known internationally as Haiyan, was a category 5 typhoon and the most powerful storm to have made landfall on record. Having made landfall in the Philippines on 8th November the storm went on to cause widespread devastation across 36 provinces in 9 regions, leaving 4.1million displaced, with a further 6, 092 fatalities and 1,799 persons still missing. The overall total of those affected is 14.1 million, including approximately 5.64 million children.

There continue to be vast needs for government and humanitarian actors to cope with humanitarian needs across all sectors. 1,127,041 houses have been damaged, of which 578,248 are completely destroyed. The financial requirement for recovery for Shelter recovery alone has been placed at $ 178.4 million. There is a widespread recognition of the need to build back strong shelter solutions to reduce the vulnerability of those living in traditional houses built of bamboo, coco lumber, and napa leaves.

Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services to communities, schools and hospitals have been limited by damaged water supply and power networks and 2.7 million people in 71 affected municipalities are in need of food assistance.