Philippines: PNRC continues relief operations for victims of Typhoon Frank

Although typhoon Frank has left the country a few weeks now, the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) has continuously provided assistance to victims of the disaster, particularly in the Visayas region.

PNRC Chairman Senator Richard Gordon said they are now providing for the rehabilitation of the families and those which had been devastated by the typhoon.

"We will continue with the supplies of potable water that is free. I think we're providing the most number of gallons of water being distributed, even more than the government. The food distribution is still there. We are now on the rehabilitation phase. And every time we slow on the rehabilitation, people suffer," Gordon said.

The PNRC has also sought the help of international organizations, such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), to build houses for those families displaced by the disaster.

"About 80,000 people have lost their houses. On the part of the Red Cross, we're already building 1,300 houses. Alam ninyo mahirap kumuha ng pera ngayon sa abroad because maraming disasters. We asked for 5,000 homes. So far ang binigay 1,300 homes. We asked for water, medyo madaling ibigay 'yun, Sweden gave us $500,000 worth of water system, which is now in place," Gordon said.

"We also need to reconstruct the schools that were damaged by the typhoon. There are schools right now, for example in Aklan, in Iloilo , that have no roof over their heads. Kids have lost their books and notebooks. We have asked assistance from National Bookstore and they heeded our request. But that is not enough. That is why I ask our countrymen, our fellow Filipinos, to reach out their generous hands and give help to our brothers who were affected by this disaster," Gordon said.