Philippines: NDCC Update: Sitrep No 7 re Typhoon "Mina" (Mitag) as of 06:00 AM - 26 Nov 2007


I. Overview

- Associated hazards brought by TY "Mina" wil further be enhanced because of the prevailing La Nina conditions in the Country.

- TY "MIna" has made its landfall in the Palanan, Isabela at 10:00 PM, 25 November 2007. Palanan is a coastal town with 17 barangays and around 15,000 inhabitants. TY "Mina" has weakened slightly as it continues to cross Northern Luzon.

- Meanwhile, TS "Lando" (Hagibis) is expected to re-enter PAR today.

- Another weather disturbance with the highest intensity of 55 jph (Tropical Depression "Nonoy" is expected to enter the PAR within three to four days. However, it will not make landfall but it will bring the rain in Eastern parts of Luzon and Visayas.

- In the afternoon of 25 Nov 2007, the Secretary, DND and Chairman, DND and Chairman, NDDC issued a memorandum to chairmen of RDCCs, PDCCs and MDCCs; RDs of OCDRCs; and AFP Area Commanders advising them to undertake all precautionary and preparedness measures for Typhoon "Mina" (Mitah), Tropical Cyclone "Lando" (Hagibis) and Tropical Depression "Nonoy"

- Six persons were reported dead due to drowning an electrocution: 5 in Camarines Sur and 1 Camarines Norte (Tab A).