Philippines: Mindanao Displacement Dashboard, July 2019 - Issue No. 60

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  • In July 2019, a total number of 4,348 families (21,740 individuals) were displaced in Mindanao due to natural disaster (1,340 individuals) armed conflict (19,840 individuals), and clan feuds (560 individuals). Out of 21,740 individuals displaced throughout the month, 16% (3,410 individuals) have returned to their homes by the end of July, leaving 84% (18,330 individuals) still displaced by the end of the reporting period.

  • TASK FORCE BANGON MARAWI has launched Kathagombalay (translates to “rebuilding” in the Maranao language). For the month of July, residents from Barangays Tolali and Daguduban which are in Sector 1 of the most affected areas (MAA) are scheduled to apply for building permits necessary for the repair/renovation of their houses. The building permit is required before the residents can start on any renovation of their houses. The TFBM sees Kathagombalay as an opportunity for the government as this will help them to maintain and monitor records of properties inside the most affected areas and thus prevent conflict in the future.