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Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia – Tropical Cyclone Kai-Tak Update (National Authorities, GDACS, WMO, Media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 22 December 2017)

  • The Tropical Cyclone KAI-TAK (named URDUJA in the Philippines) continued moving southwestward, as a Tropical Depression, slighty weakening. On 22 December at 0.00 UTC its centre was located approx. 560 km north-east of Singapore and 620 km north-northeast of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) with a maximum sustained wind speed of 46 km/h (Tropical Depression).
  • Over the next 24 hours it is forecast to continue moving southwestward over the South China Sea toward West Malaysia, weakening and dissipating over the sea. Heavy rain and thunderstorms may occur over northern Borneo island (Malaysia and Brunei), west Malaysia, southern Thailand and Sumatra Island (Indonesia) over 22-24 December.
  • According to media, as of 22 December at 7.00 UTC, the death toll in the Philippines has reached 46 and 28 people were reported missing. According to National Authorities, over 1 245 818 people have been affected in 1 798 municipalities across six regions (V, VI, VII, VIII, Mimaropa and Caraga). They also reported, as of the same date, 3 795 people evacuated, of which 2 891 inside 31 evacuation centres (in V, VIII and Mimaropa regions).