Philippines: Logistical breakthrough

from ACTED
Published on 19 Nov 2013 View Original

TACLOBAN [ACTED News] – ACTED’s first emergency experts are in Tacloban since last Wednesday to evaluate priority needs, in cities as well as in isolated communities south of Tacloban on the island of Leyte and on the island of Samar.

Some 80 to 100% of homes have been destroyed, and some populations have received no aid in ten days (drinking water, food or healthcare, especially children).

Our teams on the ground, supported by logisticians in Cebu, are preparing for the arrival of such relief goods.

Three trucks of relief items that arrived last Sunday by cargo plane, including 440 tents and 40 water bladders, will be leaving Cebu for Tacloban today, Tuesday 19th November, by barge to Ormoc, before crossing the island of Leyte by road.

This transport is a first in the response to Haiyan in that it helps to unclog the airports in Cebu and Tacloban, the latter being partially destroyed by the typhoon. This transport also helps establish a “humanitarian bridge” to reach affected populations, in addition to military flights, of a still insufficient capacity.

Other deliveries will follow this week and will help to begin mass relief distribution activities for populations between Ormoc and Guiuan.