Philippines: emergency relief

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During recent days the Philippine Territory has been involved in giving relief assistance in both the southern area of the Central Philippines Division and the Mindanao Island Division in the south of the country.
Eruption of Mayon Volcano - Legaspi

On Friday, 3rd August, 2001, three officers from the Metro Manila Area joined the local Corps Officers of Legaspi, Captains Ernie and Lorna Osorio, in giving assistance to some 2,600 victims from the again eruption of Mayon Volcano. The area of Legaspi is in a very difficult location of the country, and can take vehicle drivers up to 12 hours to travel by road from Manila to the area of the eruption. Often the local airport is closed due to the smoke, etc. from the volcano, and so road is the best form of transport to this area. Most of the immediate area is also covered by sulphur from the volcano, which causes many health problems and difficulties. The Legaspi Corps has a small to medium congregation, so additional support from Metro Manila was indeed appreciated by the local comrades.

The local corps are working from one of the four Evacuation Centres, which are within a distance of 10 kms from the Volcano itself. Our Salvationists have given support to these families spiritually,emotionally and physically. . Rubber slippers, bath towels and soap have been distributed.

Boxes of donated medicines were delivered by the visiting officers to the area as well. So that the people who needed the medication received them, the medicines were distributed by the local doctors. Then following the most crucial days, the local corps personnel distributed the medicines upon receiving of the doctors' prescriptions from the patients.

It was also encouraging that on the Sunday morning that many of the evacuees came to the Holiness Meeting, and many sought prayer at the conclusion of the service.

Flash Flood - Wali District, Mindanao Island Division

On Wednesday morning, 8th August, 2001, a flash flood has caused much devastation resulting in loss of life, household materials and livestock.

The Divisional Commander, Major Leopoldo Posadas, of the Mindanao Island Division, has notified Territorial Headquarters that the local Corps Officers are endeavouring to give assistance to some 150 families in this very isolated area in the south of the country.

The Corps Officer is endeavouring to work alongside the Department of Social Welfare and Development for the area, in the Barangay of Maitum. There is an urgent need for food assistance and clean drinking water, as all the local water is now contaminated.

We remember all our comrade Salvationists in prayer as they give valuable assistance to those facing crisis in these days.