Philippines: Displacement Dashboard, Mindanao, Issue no. 52: September 2018

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The Mindanao Displacement Dashboard is a monthly publication of the Protection Cluster in Mindanao, Philippines which is co-led by UNHCR with the Department of Social Welfare and Development. This publication aims to provide an overview of the protection environment of displacement incidents in Mindanao for each month. Displacement incidents were collected with the support of Protection Cluster members in Mindanao.

In September 2018, The Protection Cluster monitored and reported eight (8) displacement incidents, a total of 4,843 families (approximately 23,895 persons) were displaced in Mindanao. Of these, at least 3,441 families (approximately 16,885 persons) were displaced due to armed conflict and 452 families (approximately 2,260 persons) were displaced due to clan feud while another 950 families (approximately 4,750 persons) were displaced due to natural disaster.