Philippines Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Situation Report #91, 6 December 2021

Situation Report
Originally published


2,834,775 Cases

2,771,536 Recoveries

49,386 Deaths

38,025,834 (45.5%)1 Fully Vaccinated

Please see the Philippines Department of Health (DOH) daily Situation Update for further information.
Summary of the epidemiological situation in Philippines

COVID-19 cases

As of 5 December 2021, a total of 2,834,775 COVID-19 cases and 49,386 (1.7%) COVID-19 related deaths had been recorded in Philippines since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the peak of COVID19 cases in early September 2021, the daily number of reported COVID-19 cases has been decreasing steadily throughout the Philippines (Figure 1). In week 48 (29 Nov – 5 Dec), a total of 3,759 cases were recorded, a 42% decrease in cases compared to week 47 (22 – 28 Nov). The decreasing trend of cases was observed in all 17 regions. In week 48, the incidence (number of newly recorded COVID-19 cases per 100,000 population), was 3.4.

Throughout the pandemic, the largest proportion of COVID-19 cases was detected in those aged 20-39 years (Figure 2). As well, in week 48, most cases detected were in age group 20-29 and 30-39, 756 (19.9%) cases and 758 (19.9%) cases, respectively. Since week 38, the proportion of detected cases in persons above 60 years has been increasing, this could partly be interpreted by targeted testing (persons above 60 years more likely to be symptomatic). When looking at age group specific incidence i.e. number of cases per 100,000 population in a specific age group, the oldest age groups were the most represented since the beginning of the pandemic (this observation may be biased due to older age groups having higher probability of exhibiting symptoms/having severe disease and therefore being tested).