Philippines Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Situation Report #40, 16 June 2020


Situation Summary

  • Out of the total 26,781 confirmed cases reported in the Philippines until today, 56% are male, with the most affected age group 30-39 years (23.0%) followed by 20-29 years (20.4%)

  • 51.8% of cases reported from National Capital Region (NCR), followed by Central Visayas (16.3%), CALABARZON (7.5%), and Central Luzon (2.8%).
    Largest increase in new cases from Central Visayas - Out of the 1,103 confirmed deaths, 63% are male, with the most affected age group over 70 years (35.8%) followed by 60-69 years (30.1%)

  • 71.5% of deaths reported from NCR, followed by CALABARZON (11.5%),
    Central Visayas (6.4%) and Central Luzon (2.8%). Largest increase in new deaths from Central Visayas - Due to increase in newly reported cases Cebu City put under Enhanced Community Quarantine, with General Community Quarantine in Metro Manila extended until 30 June - Many new cases reported among repatriated Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and Locally Stranded Individuals (LSI) due to poor adherence of proper prevention measures during mandatory quarantine period - Department of Health (DOH) emphasizing that the increase in cases is due to clearing of delayed reports combined with real-time reporting of cases through recently implemented COVID KAYA mobile application, providing a more realistic overview of the actual situation in-country.

  • According to DOH among all active, confirmed cases, 97.5% are mild - DOH strongly emphasizing the importance of adherence to minimum precautionary measures, as one of the recurrent sources of infection among new cases the country - Currently 44 laboratories using RT-PCR accredited for COVID-19 testing, with latest additions: Green City Medical Centre and Bataan General Medical Center in Region III and Northern Mindanao TB Regional Centre in Region X, as well as 15 laboratories using GeneXpert with latest additions: Regional I Medical Centre in Region I and Oriental Mindoro Provincial Hospital in Region IV-B - 100% of health facilities daily reporting to DOH’s DataCollectApp showing below 34.9% occupancy rate of ward, ICU and isolation beds for COVID-19 patients nationally, while 15 health facilities in Cebu city report occupancy rate of 100% of ICU, 90.7% of isolation, and 88.9% of ward beds.