Philippines: AFP too busy to think of military junta, says official

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Cebu City (22 March) -- The Armed Forces of the Philippines is too busy and pre-occupied with internal security operations and other tasks to contemplate taking over the government, a spokesman said on Monday.

AFP spokesman Lt. Col. Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos said the military has its hands full in several operations and tasks, including going after armed groups in the country such as the Abu Sayyaf.

He noted that government troops have to meet the June 2010 deadline to render insignificant the insurgency problem in the country.

Burgos also said the military organization remains faithful to the Constitution and abides by civilian authority over the soldiers. He also added that military adventurism is a thing of the past.

He said the recent statement from Malacañang that a military junta could take over the government if failure of elections in May 10 occurs is unfair to the AFP.

Soldiers who had engaged in military adventurism were victims of lack of information and misinformation by some interest groups, Burgos added. (PIA-Bohol)