Philippines: AAI Delivers High Quality Clinical Performance Training to Local Nurses

The AAI team and partners have been hard at work since arriving in Los Banos. AAI has been delivering outreach clinics and to date has delivered clinics in both the municipality of Pila and Bay, located in the Laguna district.

The team has been out doing field assessments in the Laguna district to assess the need for outreach clinics and to assess the existing health systems in each area. While some areas have recovered tremendously since water levels have receded and their homes have been rebuilt, many communities still remain affected. The loss of livelihoods will take years to rebuild. The assessments have revealed a need for AAI to prepare and deliver clinics in Pakil, Laguna which will take place in the upcoming days. This municipality was directly affected by the floods and many districts were completely submerged under water. Those who reside on the west coast of Pakil have limited access to health services and therefore there remains a need to provide clinical assistance.

While AAI has been busy delivering clinics, the team has also been planning and delivering training courses. With the assistance of Dr. Jennifer Watts from Medical Teams International (MTI), AAI is in the midst of delivering a Clinical Performance Training to local nurses. This training is both theoretical and practical and the nurses have been granted the opportunity to work and volunteer within AAI clinics to enhance their skills. Building local skills is vital so that local health workers have the capacity and confidence to respond effectively during the next disaster.

AAI is also set to deliver a Hygiene Promotion Training next week to community health workers from Los Banos. The training is designed to train participants with the skills to be a hygiene promoter in their community. The hygiene promoter will be responsible for disseminating hygiene messages to children and adults throughout the community and they will be trained on proper hygiene responses during emergencies.