Philippine Red Cross humanitarian caravan on its way to deliver relief supplies in Typhoon Nina affected areas

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The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) humanitarian caravan loaded with emergency relief supplies and other equipment intended for Typhoon Nina (international name Nock-ten) affected families and areas had been deployed yesterday, December 30, and now on its way to Catanduanes, Marinduque and Albay to distribute relief items and assist in the clearing operations.

According to PRC Operations Center report, the number of Typhoon Nina damaged houses has reached 153,316 while 125,696 families or 583,574 individuals have been affected.

“As we honor the heroism of Dr. Jose Rizal, we at the Philippine Red Cross also remember the value of selflessness through the humanitarian works and generosity exemplified by our volunteers, who provide service without expecting anything in return. They are our everyday heroes, who are able to swiftly mobilize aid and bring relief to the most vulnerable. In response to Typhoon Nina, our staff and volunteers have been on the ground in close coordination with the local government, and have also been active in the distribution of emergency relief items, while others have assisted in repacking and in preparing the caravan to be able to extend more help in various affected areas,” said PRC Chairman Richard Gordon.

The teams are set to distribute relief supplies which include 3,000 sets of tarpaulins, blankets, mosquito nets, and sleeping mats, 1,500 sets of hygiene kits, 50 sets of shelter tool kit (handsaw, hammer wire, etc), 1,500 sets of 20 liter jerry cans, 10 generator sets, 500 sacks of clothes, and 15,000 pairs of shoes. PRC 10 and 6 wheeler trucks, a fuel tanker, humvee, landcruiser, and a 10,000 liters water tankers and other equipment have been dispatched for the relief distribution.

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