NGO builds lofts in DSWD core shelters for Sendong survivors

Kagayan Evangelical Disaster Response Network (KEDRN), a non-government organization (NGO) in Cagayan de Oro City, built lofts for free as an added feature to the core shelter units constructed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for survivors of Typhoon Sendong.

“We want to help transform the lives of ‘Sendong’ survivors by providing for their needs. In our own little way, we realized that we too can be catalysts for development,” Pastor Alex Eduave, Executive Director of KEDRN said.

According to Pastor Eduave, the loft, a space directly under the roof of the house which may be used as additional space for sleeping or storage, costs P15,000.

It uses the available space inside the core shelter without compromising its quality, and provides the family with more home styling or home use options.

KEDRN has already constructed 500 lofts for the Phase 3 houses in the 9.5-hectare Calaanan Resettlement Site in Barangay Canitoan. There are 1,262 core houses in Calaanan Phase 3.

The core shelters are structurally strong and can withstand wind velocities of up to 220 kilometers per hour and earthquakes of up to intensity four.

The NGO also provided double-deck beds for the family-occupants.

Sendong hit Northern Mindanao in December 2011 leaving nearly 400,000 homeless and more than 1,200 casualties.

Through these housing projects, the displaced families have been able to start their lives over in new homes and new communities.