NDRRMC update - SitRep No. 7 re Taal Volcano Update

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The seismic network around Taal Volcano (14.0000°N, 120.9833°E) recorded ten (10) volcanic earthquakes during the past 24 hours. One of these events which occurred at 4:28 PM, 17 March 2011 was felt by residents at Intensity III in Brgy Pira-Piraso and at Intensity II in Brgy Caluit . Water temperature at the main Crater Lake (west side via Alas-as) slightly increased from 29.8°C to 30°C (1)
Gas measurements conducted at Taal Main Crater Lake last January, February and March 2011 yielded carbon dioxide (CO²) emission values of 2,250 tonnes per day (t/d), 1,875 t/d and 4,670 t/d respectively.This large rise in CO² concentration indicates gas release from the magma at depth
Result of the ground deformation survey (precise levelling) conducted around the volcano Island last 05-11 April 2011 showed that volcano edifice is inflated as compared with the 02-09 February 2011 survey
Alert Level 2 is hoisted over Taal Volcano, with the interpretation that magma has been intruding towards the surface as manifested by CO2 being released in the Main Crater Lake and increase in seismic activity.