NDRRMC Update SitRep No. 25 re Mayon Volcano Eruption as of 8:00 AM (3 February 2018)

from Government of the Philippines
Published on 03 Feb 2018 View Original


A. Chronological of Events and Eruption Notifications from 13 to 02 February 2018 (TAB A)

B. Current Situation

03 February 2018

Sporadic and weak lava fountaining, lava flow and degrassing from the summit crater characterized Mayon's activity yesterday. Much of the activity produced low white to light-gray plumes, with the exception of one event that produced a 1,000 meter-tall gray ash plume at 9:18 AM. Throughout the night. quiet lava effusion fed lava flows in the Mi-isi and Bonga-Buyuan channels and barrancos between these The Mi-isi and Bonga-Buyuan lava flows have advanced to 3.2 kilometers and 4.3 kilometers, respectively, from the summit crater. A total of seventeen (17) volcanic earthquakes, most of which corresponded to sporadic and weak fountaining events, ten (10) tremor events were recorded by Mayon's seismic monitoring network. Sulfur Dioxide Gas emission was measured at an average of 1,583 tonnes/day on 02 February 2018. Electronic tilt and continuous GPS measurements indicate a sustained swelling or inflation of the edifice since November and October 2017, consistent with pressurization by magmatic intrusion.