NDRRMC update - Progress Report on Diarrhea Outbreak in Bataraza, Palawan (Region IV-B) March 01 - April 13, 2011 [as of 15 April 2011, 9:00 AM]



  • Based on the findings of Center for Health Development (CHD) IV-B, the diarrhea cases in Bataraza, Palawan, which started on 01 March 2011 slowly increased peaking on the 3 rd week of March. Age of cases ranged from 7 months to 85 years old

  • A total of 430 diarrhea cases were reported from 01 March to 12 April 2011 with Brgy Culandanum having the highest attack rate 52.28% followed by Brgy Tarusan and Rio Tuba. and out of the 22 barangays in Bataraza, 17 were affected. Six (6) sitios in Brgy. Culandanum were affected namely: Sitios Linao, Apad-apad, Pajo-pajo, Kadulan, Cabinbin and Bato–bato where

  • Ninety (90) persons were admitted at Rio Tuba Nickel (RTN) Hospital from March 01 - 31, 2011.