Logistics Cluster Philippines Crisis Situation Report - 05 Nov 2009

Situation Report
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1. Highlights

- The Logistics Cluster, UNHAS and government representatives undertook a two-day mission to northern Luzon to assess requirements and cut-off locations, leading to a reinforced program for deliveries.

- Due to a clear need for assistance in locations that remain inaccessible, helicopter support will be extended until the end of November.

2. Logistics Coordination

- Accessibility in northern Luzon remains an issue, notably in areas above Baguio. Representatives of the Logistics Cluster and UNHAS in conjunction with government representatives undertook a two-day assessment mission to the area to establish a better overview of cut-off areas and requirements.

- Underserved locations were identified with assistance from the DSWD. A reinforced program has been put in place to supply these areas over the coming period.

- Three staging areas will be established in Laoag, San Fernando La Union, and Baguio. The Logistics Cluster will set up mobile warehouses and provide pallets for each location over the weekend. These will be open for interagency cargo, and Cluster users are encouraged to register CMR for regions in CAR.

- A Logistics Cluster staff member will be deployed to each base of activities in conjunction with a government counterpart. Warehouses will be staffed by the DSWD.

- The army will provide small tactical support trucks (4 mt) to provide surface transport out of Baguio for isolated communities which are not reachable by larger vehicles, as well as to ferry cargo from warehouses for airlift at Wallace and Laoag. Labour will also be provided by the army at each location to assist with loading.

3. Air Operations

- For the next week, one helicopter will be positioned at Laoag to fly cargo into Apayao province.

- Following mandatory maintenance over the weekend, the other helicopter will be positioned at Wallace for rotations into Benguet, Kalinga, Abra and Mountain provinces.

- Fuel has been arranged at Laoag and is being arranged at Wallace. Some flights may also take place out of Baguio as per requirements.

- In Apayao, the cut-off municipalities with the highest priority are Calanasan and Kabugao.

- International organizations with cargo destined for cut-off locations in the north should file a CMR for helicopter delivery as soon as possible while these flights are ongoing.

- As of October 4, 183 rotations have taken place to carry 197.1 mt of food and 6.3 mt of NFI as well as assessment and medical teams to inaccessible areas in both northern and southern Luzon. Due to a clear continued need to ensure that relief goods reach cut-off locations, contracts for the two Mi-171 helicopters managed by UNHAS have been extended until the end of November.

- Cargo and passenger movement request forms are available on the Logs Cluster website at

4. Infrastructure/Warehousing

- LET warehousing support, which currently includes interagency storage locations and staff assistance to NROC (the National Resource Operations Center), is due to end on November 10.

5. Transport

- The monsoon in north-east Luzon is causing further infrastructural damage to the provinces of Cagayan and Isabela in Region II and the north of Region III. 8 overflow bridges are currently impassable.

- LET (TNT-Agility-UPS) trucks will remain available for deliveries within Metro Manila and to Rizal and Laguna in southern Luzon until November 10.

- Logistics Cluster support to the government in terms of surface transport to northern and southern Luzon and provision of labour to NROC will continue for the coming period, in particular to preposition goods at the Baguio, San Fernando La Union and Laoag staging areas for onward delivery by road or air.

6. Mapping

- A map of the infrastructural damage caused by the north-east monsoon has been produced and is available at:

- Road condition maps are now available in A0 format for download and hard copies can be obtained at NDCC and the Logistics Cluster.