IDP Protection Assessment Report - Displacement in Tabuan-Lasa, Basilan (IDPPAR No. 01, Issue No. 01, 8 January 2020)

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Protection Cluster
Published on 08 Jan 2020 View Original


On 5 January 2020, a longstanding dispute between two warring groups have erupted in Barangay Babag (Babuan Island) in Tabuan-Lasa Municipality that have resulted to the displacement of civilians including pregnant women and children. According to the local authorities, the alleged members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MNLF) was harassed by unidentified armed group. The displaced families have sought temporary shelters in their relatives in the nearby barangays and in Isabela City and Maluso Municipality.


According to the village chieftain, there are around 90% of the 2,179 population of the barangay who have fled to seek the safety of their families. Though assessment has yet to be done as the situation in the barangay remains volatile. Base on the report from the local monitors, there are more than 300 families (approximately 1,961 individuals) displaced as a result of the incident. There are no indications that the displaced families will immediately return to their residences due to potential retaliations because there are two (2) members of the warring parties that were killed in action.

As of the reporting date, the local authorities are accounting the whereabouts of the IDPs. So far, 158 families (approximately 687 individuals) were accounted and provided with food packs by the Municipal Social Services and Development.

Due to the geographical location of the village, the local monitors are facing some challenges on access to information and difficulties in tracking the whereabouts of the IDPs especially those at home-based setting.