ICRC: Our work in the Philippines in 2015



The year 2015 was challenging for the Philippines due to several internal armed conflicts and other situations of violence that led to the displacement of around 100,000 civilians, mainly in Mindanao. Typhoons have also brought significant humanitarian consequences in some parts of the country.

The level of conflict-related incidents was slightly higher than in 2014. The ICRC, a neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian organization, was concerned by the almost daily occurrence of attacks and encounters, arrests, summary executions and improvised explosive devices mainly in Central and Eastern Mindanao, and the Sulu Archipelago, but also in Sorsogon Province in Region 5 and Samar in Region 8.

The ICRC has increased its confidential dialogue with all parties to the conflicts in relation to the respect for international humanitarian law. Its priorities have included building the resilience of communities affected by chronic armed conflicts through various projects; supporting the authorities to address the causes and consequences of extreme jail overcrowding; and enhancing the capacity of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), its primary operational partner, to help people affected by man-made and natural disasters.