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Humanitarian Funding Update for Asia Pacific - 2nd & 3rd Quarter 2011



Between May and September 2011, a number of disasters including floods and storms continued to devastate Asia and the Pacific region.

Floods occurred in China from June onwards, affecting over 36 million people and killing at least 355 people. Despite direct economic losses of nearly US$6.5 billion, no international assistance was requested.

In the Philippines, heavy rain over eastern and southern Mindanao led to flooding in nine of the 26 provinces, affecting 120,000 families during May and June and leading to a Government request for international assistance.

Bangladesh was also hit by heavy monsoon rains that caused several major rivers to burst their banks, displacing thousands and affecting nearly a million people.

In September, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck northeastern India, causing damage to parts of Nepal, China and Bhutan. A total of 108 deaths were reported, with 94 recorded in India, seven in China, six in Nepal, and one in Bhutan.

Following the earthquake, the OCHA Regional Office supported Bhutan in a joint needs assessment and facilitated a Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) application.
Over $1.6 million from the CERF as well as an emergency cash grant of $50,000 was allocated for rapid response activities in Bhutan.

During June to September, heavy rainfall and storms were reported in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), killing 31 people, causing damage to 3,000 houses and 50,000 hectares of farmland.

While most disasters did not require international assistance, these events still highlight the region’s vulnerability to disasters that can affect tens of thousands of people and their livelihoods.

Funding of humanitarian appeals in the region remains relatively low. Sri Lanka’s Joint Plan of Assistance, launched in February 2011, is 25 per cent or $70 million funded and the Philippines’ Humanitarian Action Plan for the Conflict-Affected Provinces in Mindanao, launched in February and revised in July this year, has attracted 50 per cent or $16 million to date. The DPRK’s humanitarian requirements of $219 million for 2011 is $58 million (26.5 per cent) funded.


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