Healing and Enabling: Stories from the Typhoon Mangkhut Response


Typhoon Mangkhut incurred a massive damage in agriculture at Php26.7 billion affecting 157,591 hectares of agricultural land. The Philippine Department of Agriculture reports that this is the highest damage on agriculture since Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in 2013 which was at Php35 billion.
This heightened the issue on food insecurity throughout the region, and consequently led to increased internal displacement of families.

Rice production was hardest hit, amounting to around Php14.5 billion, while damage to corn and other high-value crops were at Php8.2 billion and Php3.9 billion, respectively.

Only a month after Mangkhut came Typhoon Yutu (Rosita), a Category 1 Typhoon that traversed through the same path in Northern Luzon. This hampered recovery progress and aggravated internal displacement and poverty situation in the affected provinces. The Philippines Humanitarian Country Team increased its efforts to support the response and early recovery initiatives in the country by updating and expanding its humanitarian response activities and resources overview document in November 2018 and sought for US$ 31 million aid to address the early recovery needs of some 165,000 individuals through March 2019.