GSIS grants relief to Habagat-hit QC residents

Tuesday 25th of September 2012

QUEZON CITY, Sept. 25 -- State pension fund Government Service Insurance System announced Monday that the GSIS Board approved the grant of emergency loans to government workers residing in Quezon City affected by the heavy rainfall and flooding caused by the Monsoon rains last August 6-10, 2012.

On September 6, the Quezon City Government issued an ordinance which authorized civilian government employees of Quezon City to apply for a calamity loan with the GSIS, Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG Fund) and other insurance and lending agencies.

The ordinance served as basis for the grant by the GSIS of emergency loan to its members in Quezon City in the absence of a formal declaration of a state of calamity by the local government.

“Members who may apply for the loan should come from the 60 barangays of Quezon City identified under the ordinance,” GSIS President and General Manager Robert G. Vergara said in a statement.

Electronic approval of the loan by the agency authorized officer (AAO) will require a member-applicant to submit to the AAO, a certification from the Punong Barangay, that the applicant’s area of residence was affected by flooding.

This additional requirement in the AAO’s certification will ensure that qualified members may apply using the GWAPS (GSIS Wireless Automated Processing System) kiosks.

The GSIS will no longer require applicants to have paid contributions for the past six consecutive months.

Other eligibility requirements include: applicants should have no arrearages in the payment of mandatory social insurance contributions; have no loan that has been declared in default; and not on leave of absence without pay.

Members who do not have an eCard but who are eligible to apply for the loan may apply over-the-counter (OTC) at any GSIS office. Proceeds of OTC applications will be credited to a temporary eCard which the GSIS continues to distribute.

If the loan proceeds are not credited within seven days from the date of application, members can go to the nearest GSIS office or the nearest kiosk for the status.

Members have one month or until October 19, 2012 to apply for the emergency loan.

For the list of the affected barangays in Quezon City , applicants may visit the GSIS website,, coordinate with their AAOs or call the GSIS hotline at (02) 847.4747 . (GSIS)