Emergency relief: Payatas disaster-landslide

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Under the direction of the Divisional Commander of the Central Philippines Division, Lt.-Colonel Anita Orane, Officers and Salvationists have assisted in helping victims and family members of the Payatas landslide in Quezon City, Manila.
After torrential rains - three typhoons hitting the island of Luzon, more than 190 adults and children died in horrific circumstances, when their homes built on top of a local rubbish dump crashed down the mountainside due to the torrential rains.

The badly decomposed bodies were placed en mass in black plastic bags and left on an outdoor basketball court for family members to try and to identify the victims. The dangerous conditions and the incredible stench made it very difficult for rescue workers to work among the rubbish and debris.

The Salvation Army has provided mosquito nets, bottled water, wash basins and laundry soaps to the remaining 80 families who are affected by this disaster.

Significant counselling and prayer continues to be a part of the ongoing ministry.

AUTHOR: Captain Kaye Seccombe

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