Emergency Relief Mission in Mindanao Island, Philippines (2/2)

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After having researched, AMDA's medical team discovered that Lupon town, located 4-hour drive from Davao, was damaged severely.

They decided to help implement activities in Marayag region in Lupon town since most of the houses in the area were fully or partially damaged by massive landslides. Thankfully, Armed Force of the Philippines (AFP) came with the team for security reasons and supported them. As they went through mountain roads to reach Lupon town, they witnessed many landslides that were several hundred meters big.

With the help of a local midwife, AMDA set up two health counseling booths. 303 patients received medical assistance such as taking blood pressure, O2 saturation, and blood sugar. Local medicines and vitamin pills and syrups were given to the patients as needed. Major symptoms among the patients were common cold, fever, and joint pain. Remaining medical supplies were donated to a local health center.

Also they distributed 230 relief packs, consisting of rice, water, canned foods, dry noodles and sheets, to local householders.

In Zamboanga city, AMDA sent relief packs with the help of Japanese company on mid-February. The total of 300 relief packs were distributed in 4 different regions (Nunez Extention, Sta Maria, Tumaga, Lunzuran) of Zamboanga city from February 19th through March 1st.

People who received relief packs showed their appreciation towards AMDA by saying "Thank you and we will not forget your support".