DSWD DROMIC Report #31 on Typhoon “ROSITA” [I.N. YUTU] as of 9 November 2018, 6PM



  • There are 74,058 families with 288,245 persons affected on Typhoon Rosita.

  • Out of 1,241 evacuation centers (ECs) in Regions I, II, III, VIII and CAR, 9 ECs are still open in Regions II and CAR accommodating 105 families or 321 persons.

  • There are 227 families or 1,106 persons who are staying with their relatives or friends.

  • 24,354 damaged houses were reported; of which 2,561 are totally damaged and 21,832 are partially damaged.

  • A total of ₱10,905,959.26 worth of assistance has been provided to families affected by Typhoon Rosita.

I. Status of Affected Families / Persons

A total of 74,058 families or 288,245 persons were affected in 1,450 barangays, 197 cities/municipalities, and 20 provinces in Regions I, II, III, VIII, and CAR (see Table 1; Annex A for details).