DSWD DROMIC Report #1 on the Tornado Incident in San Jose, Antique as of 07 November 2019, 7PM

Situation Report
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On 06 November 2019, a tornado ripped through Barangays Supa and Atabay, San Jose in Antique. It rendered some of the families homeless due to damage it caused to their houses.

I. Status of Affected Families / Persons

A total of 24 families or 93 persons were affected by the tornado incident in San Jose, Antique (see Table 1).

II. Status of Displaced Families / Persons

a. Inside Evacuation Center

There are 16 families or 64 persons who are currently staying at Atabay Elementary School in Brgy. Atabay, San Jose (see Table 2).

b. Outside Evacuation Center

There are 8 families or 29 persons who are currently staying with their relatives (see Table 3).

III. Damaged Houses

There are 24 damaged houses; of which, 13 are totally damaged and 11 are partially damaged (see Table 3).

IV. Assistance Provided

A total of ₱3,264.00 worth of assistance was provided by the LGU to the affected families (see Table 4).