DOH7: Donate blood, help dengue patients

from Government of the Philippines
Published on 01 Aug 2019 View Original

By Francis A. Nacua

CEBU CITY, 25 July (PIA)--Due to the consistent rise of dengue cases in the country, Department of Health (DOH) secretary Francisco Duque declared national dengue alert to raise awareness and to create vigilance against the disease that has claimed lives in the past years.

Based on statistics, Central Visayas (CV) ranks number 3 in the most number of dengue cases in the entire Philippines.

Dengue affected areas in CV are mostly from densely populated cities of Cebu, Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue, Danao and Dumaguete.

Dr. Shelbay Blanco, Medical Officer III of DOH 7 said that Central Visayas recorded almost 10,000 dengue cases with 65 deaths as of January to third week of July of this year.

In relation to that and as July being a National Blood Donors month, the DOH 7 actively campaigns for voluntary blood donations among citizens.

Dr. Charmain Florita, Medical Officer III of DOH 7, said one bag of donated blood is very helpful and can save 3 lives.

“There are still a lot of people in need of blood donations,” Dr. Florita added.

She explained that platelets, one of the blood components is what is mostly needed for those dengue-infected patients.

The sub-national blood center, inside DOH 7 Regional Office, accepts walk-in [donors] for those people who want to donate their blood.

For those voluntarily donating blood, the basic qualifications are: at least 50 kilograms, must have an average pulse rate of 60-100, blood pressure limit is 90-60 and over limit is 160 over 100, have at least 6 hours of sleep, must not smoke within 3-4 hours prior to extraction, and did not take in alcohol in at least 24-72 hours.

A person can donate blood once in every three months or quarterly. (FAN/PIA7)