DOH Guidelines on the Facilitation and Management of International Partners in Post-Yolanda Reconstruction

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Republic of the Philippines Department of Health

In view of the current status of affected areas in the country after Super Typhoon Yolanda’s (International Codename: Haiyan) widespread destruction, and in order to address the need to focus on ensuring access to quality health care services to affected communities after the emergency response, the Department of Health (DOH) is hereby issuing this guidelines in the facilitation and management of rehabilitation and reconstruction of health facilities across affected regions. ]]


This guidelines is issued in order to promote the effective coordination between and among DOH, international partners, and the local government unit (LGU), referring to the province, city, and municipality. It is prescribed to govern the official flow of all related activities as regards foreign partners’ reconstruction of health infrastructure. Proposals that demonstrate long-term sustainability beyond the post-disaster recovery are highly encouraged.

Ensuring “Safer, Adaptive and Disaster-Resilient Health Infrastructure” will be the main focus. It will be essential that the aid given is not supposed to burden the Philippines as a recipient country in line with the “Do No Harm” Principle1 found in the Sphere Project.

Also, this guidelines shall cover only international partners intending to work with DOH in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of health facilities. For this purpose, “international partners” refer to a foreign government or a foreign non-government organization or entity legally established in any country with diplomatic relations to the Philippines.