Dengue Situation Update 507, 3 January 2017

from World Health Organization
Published on 03 Jan 2017 View Original

Update on the Dengue situation in the Western Pacific Region

Northern Hemisphere


As of 31 December 2016, there were 2098 cases of dengue reported in China in 2016. This number is lower than that reported during the same period in 2015.


In week 51, the number of reported dengue cases was 1,590 cases, an increase from 1,397 cases (an increase of 13.8 %) reported in the previous week. The cumulative number of cases reported in 2016 (100,028 cases) up to date, is less than that reported during the same period in 2015 (118,325 cases). As of week 51, the cumulative number of dengue deaths for 2016 was 231 cases, compared to 322 deaths during the same period in 2015.

Philippines (No update)

As of 20 August 2016, there were 101,401 suspected cases of dengue reported in 2016, including 422 deaths. This is 16% higher than that reported during the same period in 2015 (n=87,411).


In week 51, there were 72 dengue cases reported in Singapore. The cumulative number of cases in 2016 (13051) is 20.3% higher than that reported during the same period of 2015 (10842). Large numbers of cases were reported in early 2016 compared to previous years.

Viet Nam

As of 30 September 2016, there were 79,204 cases of dengue including 27 deaths, reported in 44 out of 63 provinces in Viet Nam. In September 2016, there were 15,700 cases reported including 7 deaths. This is an increase of 22.9% in number of cases and a decrease of 5 deaths compared to same period in 2015.

Compared to the median of the 2011-2015 periods, the cumulative number of cases has increased by 96.1%.

Southern Hemisphere


As of 30 December 2016, there were 2,106 laboratory-confirmed dengue cases in Australia. The number of cases reported has been decreasing since March 2016 and it follows the seasonal trends (2011-2015)

Pacific Islands Countries and Areas

French Polynesia (No update)

In week 42, 22 confirmed dengue cases were reported in French Polynesia (Figure 7). Four (18%) of the 22 cases were confirmed as DENV-1 infection.

Papua New Guinea

From 1 January to 18 December, 81 imported cases of dengue with travel history to Papua New Guinea were reported by Queensland Health (Weekly Report on overseas acquired dengue notifications). Among these cases, 5 were DENV-1, 57 were DENV-2, 4 were DENV-3, 4 was DENV-4 and 11 cases were of undetermined serotype.

New Caledonia

As of 3 January 2017, 33 dengue cases were reported, and the number of cases has been decreasing since June 2016.