ChildFund Philippines creates the very first INGO Vlog by its CommuniTEENS to fight Covid-19 and OSEC


At Childfund Philippines, a program country of ChildFund International with headquarters in the USA - we believe that children are agents of change. Unfortunately, children face further deprivation, exclusion, and vulnerabilities that hinder their full potential during this pandemic. Thus, for almost five decades of active presence here in the Philippines, we dedicate our efforts and focus our energy on addressing the root causes of these problems. We endeavor to provide the children, their families and communities with an enabling environment where their rights are protected, their voices are heard, and their well-being is safeguarded so they can strive, thrive and reach their full potential – children of today are our responsible and responsive citizens of tomorrow. We do this by creating and promoting child-centered, rights-based, and community-supported development programs across three life stages: ages 0-5, 6-14, and 15-24 and supporting holistic and community-led initiatives and programs implemented in partnership with 12 civil society organizations as our local partners located across the country from Apayao to Tawi-Tawi.

ChildFund Philippines is part of a global network of 11 child rights and development organizations that has a track-record in championing children’s education, protection, and participation in 63 countries around the world.
In line with this, and given the global pandemic crisis that we all face, we have the following intervention nationwide to ensure children are safe, protected, healthy, educated, skilled and INVOLVED;

  • Home-based family activities kits (HFAK) to continue academic learning, social skills and life skills and broaden awareness on the prevention of COVID-19. In partnership with GLOBE through its Amber Facility, 8,800 key messages and instructions by sms are being sent to our communities from Apayao to Tawi-Tawi in 5 dialects; Bicolano, Hiligaynon, Bisaya, Ilokano and Tagalog.

  • 6 Virtual Trainings on MHPSS (Mental Health and Psycho Social Support) and PFA (Psychological First Aid) for our Local Partners and community representatives to help them cope and adapt and in turn help the communities by passing on the learnings and facilitating the same sessions for mental health that is equally important to physical health.

  • CoVLOG-19 by your ChildFund Philippines CommuniTEENS during QuaranTEEN, for the youth ages 15-24 years old in order for them to have a platform to express themselves, tap into their creativity and resourcefulness and influence their peers and communities on preventive measures to prevent the spread of CoViD-19 and to stay safe from online abuses and exploitation. The only and first ever “Vlog” that will use a sign language translation because ChildFund Philippines is an inclusive organization and it is of utmost importance to us that PWDs are not left behind in our plans.

Objectives of #CoVlog19 (A Vlog about CoViD-19 from ChildFund Philippines TEENS)

  • Spread awareness and strengthen the consciousness across all sectors on the prevention of contracting COVID-19, internet safety to prevent online abuse and exploitation, and mental and emotional health through key messages on how children, youth, and families can cope during the pandemic.

  • Provide a good, creative and fun outlet for all participants (youth and their families) to fight stress by tapping into their creativity and exercising their resourcefulness.

  • Exercise the youths’ participation in issues that affect them and their families and communities.