Cash to help people struck by devastating floods in the Philippines

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The British Red Cross has released £50,000 from its Disaster Fund, to provide emergency cash grants to people affected by recent typhoons and flooding in the Philippines. The lives of 2.5 million people have been affected by the disasters, with 21 people killed and 800,000 people forced to leave their homes.

Last month, monsoon rains fuelled by Tropical Storm Trami poured down over the Philippine capital, Manila, and surrounding provinces, causing widespread flooding. This occurred just a week after Typhoon Utor hit Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines, also resulting in significant flooding. Floodwaters in Manila have started to recede, but some areas may remain submerged for weeks. As well as increasing the risk of disease, this means that many people cannot return to their homes. With a heavy monsoon season predicted, it is possible that more people will be displaced in coming months.

Red Cross support

The Philippine Red Cross has been on the ground responding to the disasters since mid-August. Initially, it supported evacuations, conducted rescue operations, and helped people who have been forced to leave their homes. It also gave its contingency stocks of relief items to the 2,500 families hardest hit by Typhoon Utor.

For people affected by Typhoon Utor and the monsoon floods in Manila, the Philippine Red Cross continues to provide support. This will include:

  • ready-to-eat meals for 25,000 people
  • basic food items for 10,000 families
  • household essentials for 9,500 families
  • unconditional cash grants for 11,500 families
  • water and sanitation improvements for 2,000 families
  • health and hygiene education for 15,000 families
  • and immediate help with shelter repairs for 500 families.

Cash grants are a good way to ensure that affected people can prioritise their own needs. Pete Garratt, disaster response manager at the British Red Cross, explains: “By supporting cash grants, the British Red Cross is ensuring that people affected by these disasters can buy the items most essential to them.”

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