AHA Centre Flash Update #4 - Tropical Cyclone Nock-Ten, Philippines, 30 December 2016

News and Press Release
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After hitting land on the 25 December as Typhoon Category III, TC Nock Ten made 8 landfalls and brought heavy rainfall and strong winds. Tropical Cyclone NOCK-TEN (Nina) left the land mass on 26 December and finally exited the Western boundary of the Philippines Area of Responsibility (PAR) on 27 December at 22:00 local time.

Based on the the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) situation report No. 8 issued this morning, three (3) people are reported dead and ten (10) are missing in Regions Calabarzon, Mimaropa and VIII. There were 336,266 families/1,520,324 people served inside and outside evacuation centres in Regions Calabrazon, Mimaropa, V, and VIII. It is also reported that TC NOCK-TEN also causing 123, 596 damage houses where 31, 526 are totally damage and 92,070 are partially damage. More than 300,000 families or around 1,500,000 people are affected in 1,370 barangays in Region Calabrazon, Mimaropa, V and VIII. According to NDRRMC, worth of damage from the Typhoon Nock-Ten is around USD 98,904,785 (4,90 Billion Pesos) coming from the agriculture and infrastructure (roads, river control, and school facilities) sectors.

The government of the Philippines trough NDRRMC and its National Response Cluster is coordinating the response efforts. Population living in the affected areas were pre-emptively evacuated. Relief items and personnel were prepositioned. As of today, a total of 2 million USD worth of assistance has been extended to the affected provinces. Food and Non Food Relief items have been distributed to the affected population by land as well as by air. Radio communication and satellite phone are installed in the Office of Civil Defence Offices of the affected regions. Three Rapid Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (RDANA) teams of the Philippines are deployed to the Province of Albay, Camarine Sur to further assess the typhoon impact. While continuing the response effort, the government of The Philippines is now transitioning to the recovery phase.

One in-country ASEAN-Emergency Response & Assessment Team (ERAT) Member were deployed to NDRRMC Operation Centre for coordination and information sharing since 25 December. The government of the Philippines is capable of managing the situation and there is no request for International Assistance being made. This is the FINAL Flash Update for TC NOCK-TEN (NINA).