Action Against Hunger Philippines Newsletter, December 2016

News and Press Release
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Dear Action Against Hunger Supporters,

It’s an honor to report on a great year working together for nutrition security, to end hunger and all forms of undernutrition. For the New Year 2017, we are thrilled to start a new chapter of Action Against Hunger’s story.

Action Against Hunger was able to respond quickly and effectively to several continuing humanitarian crisis in the Philippines in 2016: helping those left homeless and vulnerable by the conflict in Maguindanao and those affected by Typhoon Lando (Koppu) and Nona (Melor) since 2015 and Super Typhoon Lawin (Haima) in October 2016, support to ongoing needs of the internally displaced people affected by the siege in Zamboanga and armed violence in Surigao del Sur. We also responded to the needs of internally displaced persons in Basilan province.

We aim not only to save lives, but to build back safer and better, increase people’s spirit of resiliency, and provide long-term support for children and their families to realize their full potential and guarantee that their voices are heeded by duty bearers. Action Against Hunger’s long term development work has improved health and nutrition, increased income and opportunities across the Philippines.

Few of our highlights are the people living in transitory sites in Zamboanga as they improve their socio-economic conditions through different livelihood opportunities, and path taken by civil societies in Cotabato towards better governance. Clean water built close to households, sanitary toilets and hygiene education sessions are changing women, men, boys and girls for the better. Women and children no longer need to walk for hours to fetch water, more girls are at school and the entire communities feel safer, enjoy better health. Momentous change has been achieved through our lobbying and campaigning.

The voice of the Filipinos have been crucial in shaping the Sustainable Development Goals to end hunger and all forms of undernutrition through the global Generation Nutrition campaign. It’s inspiring to see how the people even from the farthest communities respond to the call for coordinated response to issues on health and nutrition. This year, our friend Chef Roland “Lau” Laudico, who brings a passion and a commitment to ending hunger. He has dedicated himself to raising awareness in a unique way through our Restaurants Against Hunger campaign. Thank you to all our supporters who have helped us respond to the needs of the people around the Philippines.

Poor and vulnerable are always hardest hit by disasters. You’re helping them recover by ensuring they have opportunities to work and provide for themselves and their families.

We are so honored to be part of the work you do to make the country a better place for every Filipino, and look forward to an even more inspiring collaboration for another impactful 2017. Your commitment and passion is an inspiration. We wish you a very prosperous new year. Thank you.

Javad Amoozegar, Country Director

Action Against Hunger Philippines