3 months after the typhoon Haiyan, more than 225 million euros raised by the EAA members

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Total funds raised by Emergency Appeals Alliance (EAA) members for the Haiyan victims amount to more than 225 million euros. The organisations have already approved disbursements for more than 83 million euros for various projects in the field.

The funds were raised in the different countries following appeals for donations launched by EAA members in co-operation with national broadcaster, eg BBC, ARD, SVT, SSR or private media such as Sky in Italy or BellMedia in Canada.

Part of the funds were quickly used to finance immediate emergency activities during the first three months: basic humanitarian relief (food parcels, water containers, non food item kits), improvement of health and living conditions (medical supplies and basic health services, vaccination), improvement of water, sanitation and hygiene conditions, transitional shelters, child protection activities and psychosocial support, income generation activities.

More than 70 million euros have been set aside for rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in the longer term such as livelihood recovery programmes (rehabilitation of coconut cultures, help to the fishing industry, support to small enterprises), transitional shelters construction, conflict mitigation, rehabilitation of community structures, reconstruction of private houses, community buildings, medical centres and schools.

The operational partner organisations which carry out the projects in the field vary from country to country, including national organisations of Care, Caritas, Terre des Hommes, MSF, Plan, Save the Children, Red Cross, World Vision, etc.

The operations are carried out in the Philippines in close cooperation with national and local authorities and in coordination with the UN agencies. Local population has shown a high degree of resilience and self recovery and is mostly involved in the rehabilitation and reconstruction activities.

For more information please contact: Per Byman, Chairman of the EAA (phone+46-70-534 0777/ e-mail

The Emergency Appeals Alliance (EAA)

The EAA brings together organisations of various countries, which launch fundraising appeals following humanitarian disasters: AGIRE in Italy, Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Consortium 1212 in Belgium, Disaster Emergency Committee in the UK, The Humanitarian Coalition in Canada, Radiohjälpen in Sweden and Swiss Solidarity. In the Netherlands, Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties/Giro 555 is an associated member. The funds raised in each country are attributed to various partner NGOs which carry out humanitarian projects in the affected areas. Most of the organisations work in close cooperation with the national broadcasting system in order to reduce fundraising costs and increase efficiency of the national appeal.

For more details, please refer to Per Byman, Chairman of the EAA (phone+46-70-534 0777/ e-mail