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Venezuela Migration Crisis - Peru: Second Largest Destination for Venezuelan Migrants

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Peru now hosts over one million displaced Venezuelans, a massive increase from 7,000 in January 2016. The surge in migrants places Peru as the second-largest recipient of Venezuelans and the largest host of Venezuelan asylum seekers worldwide. Approximately 80 percent of the Venezuelans migrants and refugees have settled in Lima, the preferred destination due to employment opportunities and government services. Most Venezuelans reside in the city’s northern, working-class neighborhoods. Venezuelans are increasingly moving to smaller coastal cities outside Lima, including the regions of Arequipa, Lambayeque, and La Libertad. As of January 2021, the U.S. Government has provided over $100 million in assistance to more than 20 partners to support response efforts in Peru.


Project: Integrated Programming to Meet the Urgent Needs of Vulnerable Venezuelans in Peru

Description: HIAS provides integrated protection and assistance services, including access to asylum, gender-based reduction and response, psychosocial support, and livelihood assistance, to vulnerable Venezuelans in Lima and Trujillo to increase opportunities for interim and durable solutions.

Amount & Source: $3 million – Department of State/Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM).

Partner: Save the Children

Project: Multi-purpose Cash Assistance to Vulnerable Venezuelans in Peru

Description: Provide emergency assistance to over 30,000 vulnerable and at-risk Venezuelan migrants in Peru. Assistance will cover minimum basic needs for Venezuelans.

Amount & Source: $13.4 million - USAID/Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA).

Partner: LOOP

Project: Nanas y Amas

Description: This activity will help Venezuelan women in vulnerable conditions secure decent employment. LOOP will develop a mobile application to match approximately 5,000 women with vetted domestic services jobs.

Amount & Source: $250,000 - USAID

Partner: World Vision

Project: Reducing the Vulnerability of Venezuelans through Improved Livelihoods, Food and Cash

Description: This project distributes “multi-purpose” cash transfers to 49,000 beneficiaries to help meet their basic needs in Tumbes, Tacna, La Libertad and Lima. World Vision will also provide support to community soup kitchens, which will provide about 196,000 hot meals. The activity also supports livelihoods programming, including entrepreneurship programs and vocational training, for approximately 720 people in Lima.

Amount & Source: $13.6 million - USAID/BHA

Partner: World Vision

Project: Professional and Technical Degrees

Description: Union Venezolana en Perú in alliance with World Vision will support 230 Venezuelans to obtain local recognition of their professional and technical degrees — including 50 medical doctors. The activity will provide a mix of grants and credits to cover the cost of accreditation, support beneficiaries in navigating the process and assist with labor market insertion, like training in soft skills outreach to the private sector and engagement with the Ministry of Health and regional health authorities

Amount & Source: $440,000 – USAID

Partner: World Council of Credit Unions

Project: Economic Integration Project

Description: The Economic Inclusion Project will help Venezuelan migrants and vulnerable local residents in Peru and Ecuador achieve socioeconomic security by gaining greater access to financial products and services, as well as entrepreneurship and employment programs. As a result of the Economic Inclusion Project, at least: 100,000 Venezuelans and locals will obtain access to financial services (a credit, savings or insurance product); and, 10,000 will have an improved capacity to establish a sustainable livelihood.

Amount & Source: $8 million ($14 million total for Peru and Ecuador) – USAID

Partners: Various local NGOs

Project: Various

Description: A number of local, grassroots organizations supported by the Inter-American Foundation have incorporated activities into their existing programs to support Venezuelan migrants and refugees. Activities include combatting and preventing violence, support for entrepreneurship and jobs skills psychosocial support services, and efforts to foster improved social cohesion between Venezuelans and host communities.

Amount & Source: $1.4 million – Inter-American Foundation

Partner: Action Against Hunger

Project: Economic Support for Vulnerable Venezuelans

Description: The grant provided vulnerable Venezuelans with access to basic household items to help mitigate the economic impacts of the COVID-19 quarantine. The activity assisted 4,200 Venezuelan families, or approximately 16,800 people.

Amount & Source: $249,600 - USAID

Partner: RET International

Project: Strengthening Bridges: Assistance and protection focused on sustainable solutions, self-sufficiency and the local integration of vulnerable migrants and asylum seekers in Peru

Description: Provide humanitarian assistance to vulnerable Venezuelans, including food, transport and shelter. In addition, RET provides technical assistance to local governments to facilitate the integration of Venezuelans into host communities. Gender-based violence training will also be given.

Amount & Source: $5.5 million - PRM

Partner: Pan American Development Foundation

Project: Integrando Horizontes: Supporting & Protecting Venezuelans in Peru

Description: This program seeks to increase access to protection mechanisms for Venezuelans, with an emphasis on combating and preventing gender-based violence and trafficking in persons.

Amount & Source: $2.6 million – PRM.

Partner: Unión Venezolana en Perú

Project: Newly Arrived Venezuelan Migrant Support

Description: For the purchase and distribution mattresses and warm clothes to newly arrived Venezuelan migrants and refugees. USAID supported the creation of a web portal for employment placement and psycho-social services.

Amount & Source: $35,000 – USAID & PRM

Partner: CARE

Project: Integration of Vulnerable Venezuelans

Description: CARE’s program will improve integration of vulnerable Venezuelan refugees and displaced Venezuelans in Peru through increased access to protection, mental health services, and livelihoods support. The program will prioritize assistance to women, adolescents, and survivors of human trafficking and gender- based violence.

Amount and Source: $2.7 million – PRM

Partner: Norwegian Refugee Council

Project: Legal Services Project

Description: Provide legal assistance to Venezuelan migrants & refugees, particularly those who initiated services with NRC in Ecuador.

Amount and Source: $193,400 – PRM

Partner: International Federation of the Red Cross

Project: IFRC support to local chapters

Description: Activity to support the institutional strengthening of local Red Cross chapters.

Amount and Source: $200,000 – PRM

Partner: World Vision

Project: Reducing the Vulnerability of Venezuelan Migrants in Peru

Description: World Vision assisted migrants in the departments of Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque, La Libertad and Lima. Activities included distributing “multi-purpose” cash to the most vulnerable so they could meet their basic needs. World Vision also supported the provision of hot meals through assistance to community kitchens serving free or low-cost meals to Venezuelan migrants. This included the provision of kitchen equipment, donation of food, and upgrades to kitchens and dining areas.

Amount & Source: $6.2 million USAID/BHA.