Update on Peru flooding Jul 2002

News and Press Release
Originally published
In April 2002, the community of Piura, Peru was severely affected by heavy floods following 13 hours of continuous rain.
As a result, houses have collapsed and household goods, crops, and small animals have been lost. Staff members have also seen the appearance of diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, skin and respiratory related diseases, conjunctivitis and typhoid.

Many Plan and non-Plan families have moved to La Panamericana, another community where they will have access to safe shelter, clean water, and health care. Additionally, a new community, Ciudad Noe, has been formed. This relocation has made it difficult for staff to deliver services and communications.

The destruction of schools has affected the continuing education of many children. School materials have been lost and the children of the affecting communities are not attending school.

The economic situation is precarious due to the lack of income. Families cannot earn enough to afford basic services such as drinking water.

Some of the major areas of Plan's focus for recovery include:

Water: The water system in affected communities has collapsed. The district council of Cura Mori is providing relocated families with water supply through cistern tanks. Additional work will include Expansion of the Water System from La Panamericana to the new relocation area for Cura Mori families as well as rehabilitation of the Water System located in the affected area of Cura Mori.

Sanitation: Plan has distributed 40 community latrines within relocated families.

Health: 10 medicine kits have been distributed for the assistance of diarrhea, malaria, skin and respiratory related diseases, conjunctivitis and typhoid in the area of Cura Mori. The Ministry of Health is developing a contingency plan in order to assist the cases that are appearing in the post-emergency due to "El Niño Phenomenon". Additional work includes maintaining the stock of medicines in health centers for diseases appearing as a result of the existing rains, overflows and weather.

Food: PRONAA (Alimentation National Program) -This governmental institution is still contributing food for Comedores Populares - local restaurants managed by the community - in Cura Mori area.

Housing: The Materials Bank has built 500 out of the 1,000 modules offered by the president of the Republic for Cura Mori families that have been relocated at La Panamericana.

Transportation: Access to Cura Mori area has been restored.

Schools: 100% of primary schools and preschools have been affected with the loss of materials in the communities located at Cura Mori. At this time, children are not attending school regularly.

Infrastructure: The communities of Chato Grande, Eleuterio Cisneros and 26 de Noviembre where affected by the loss of all dry clay brick houses. The communities of Chato Chico, San Pedro and Anexo Buenos Aires have lost nearly half of the dry clay brick houses.

Agriculture: Plan family crops of cotton, corn, rice and others located at Cura Mori have been completely lost during the overflow of Piura River.

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