Perú: Rainy season - Situation Report No. 06 (09 April, 2017)


This report is produced by the UNDAC Team in Lima. It is prepared in collaboration with the National Humanitarian Network (NHN) partners. It covers the period between 5 and 9 April 2017. The next report will be issued around 12 April 2017.


  • More than 1.14 million people affected and severely affected, including over 368,000 children and adolescents.

  • 12 departments2 and 1 constitutional province continue under a state of emergency. 11 departments3 have been declared under health emergency for 90 days.

  • 318,871 people affected and severely affected in Piura, accounting for about 28 per cent the total population affected and severely affected in the country.

  • Piura is the most seriously affected department and was declared on 29 March under State of National Emergency caused by major disaster, through DS 035-2017-PCM.

  • 180,000 households’ livelihoods affected.

Situation Overview

Since the end of January, the El Niño coastal phenomenon has been triggered by an abrupt increase in sea surface temperature. This phenomenon is expected to last until April with moderate magnitude according to the report of the Multisectoral Committee in Charge of the National Study of the El Niño Phenomenon (ENFEN).

As a consequence of the continued heavy rains during February and March, emergencies related to floods and landslides have been reported, mainly in the north coast of the country, particularl y in the department of Piura.

This has had negative effects in the life and health conditions of people, and has damaged homes, educational institutions, health establishments, farming areas and communication routes, among others. This situation had continued during the beginning of April.

According to official figures at the date of this report, at least 980,450 people are reported as affected and 160,641 as severely affected.


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