Peru volcanic activity, 2014 Situation Report #2 [EN/ES]



  • The Ubinas volcano started showing activity in September of 2013. Explosions and ash emissions have been recorded, and there has been a steady increase in emissions of gases and ash as energy pulses (smaller explosions and exhalations). These produce eruptive columns between 500 and 3000 meters above the crater.

  • Ash from Ubinas has reached an area 40 km around the volcano, which have affected the health and livelihoods of nearby communities.

  • Regional health authorities have adopted measures to mitigate the effects of the ash fall on the health of nearby populations.

  • It is important to maintain surveillance of tracer illnesses (conjunctivitis, acute respiratory infections, psychosocial effects), particularly among risk groups, as well as of contamination, especially in water sources and air quality.