Peru receives LWR material resources

News and Press Release
Originally published
Baltimore, October 4, 2004 - Lutheran World Relief (LWR) has shipped two 40-foot-long containers of relief supplies to Peru in response to a crisis caused by unusually severe winter weather in one-third of Peru's 24 departments (regions similar to states in the United States).

The containers include nearly 6,000 quilts made by U.S. Lutherans and more than three tons of children's clothing. The LWR shipment to Peru also includes 3,000 sewing kits, 6,000 health kits, 8,200 school kits, and 4,000 layettes.

Assistance became necessary when extreme storms starting in June hit Peru's high country with bitter cold, high winds, heavy snow, and torrential rain at lower altitudes. Local residents got sick, their houses and crops were damaged, and many of their livestock died.

The most serious problems appear to have been in the Huancavelica Department, where the lives of nearly 37,000 families were affected.

LWR's Andean Regional Office is helping to organize the response to the serious winter conditions and will work with Action by Churches Together (ACT) to distribute this shipment of material resources.

LWR's Andean Regional Office, located in Peru, has been supporting relief and development activities in the country since 1979. Its efforts to increase rural development are based on community participation. They focus on impoverished, remote areas, including those affected by this year's winter storms.