Peru: Overflowing river affects 220 families in Ayacucho

Six communities in rural Kimbiri, located in the border area between Cusco and Ayacucho have been affected by the overflow of the Kimbiri river. More than 220 families and at least 23 sponsored children are coping with the damage and many people are isolated due to the collapse of a bridge.
World Vision project staff assisted immediately by providing basic medicines such as antibiotics, anti- inflammatories, analgesics, plus mattresses and clothes. As thirty-six homes were completely destroyed by an ensuing landslide, World Vision prepared a temporary shelter for the victims.

The water supply was interrupted, sparking fears of mosquito proliferation in any stagnate water. The flooding also destroyed 18 hectares of coffee and cacao crops.

World Vision is coordinating the immediate donation of water boots to children, mattresses, mosquito nets, calamine and construction tools. WV is also organising a health strategy to prevent the imminent outbreak of infection and respiratory diseases.

La Convencion province was declared a state of emergency by the local government, given the increasing number of casualties due to heavy rains, floods and landslides in the zone.