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Peru National Platform: RMRP 2021 End-Year Report



In February, the Government of Peru launched its COVID-19 vaccination programme, in which all foreign nationals, regardless of their status in the country, were included in the immunization scheme. At the end of the year, 40.7% of eligible Venezuelan refugees and migrants (12 years of age or older) had received two vaccine doses, according to the Ministry of Health.

Throughout the year, two processes were implemented to enable access to regularization and documentation for Venezuelans. In June, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) authorized the issuance of humanitarian residency to 530,000 Venezuelan asylum-seekers through RM N°0207-2021-RE. Furthermore, in July, the procedure for immigration regularization (TUPA, for its acronym in Spanish) under Decree No 010-2020-IN to obtain the Temporary Residence Permit Card (CPP) came into effect. Over 360,000 Venezuelans were initially pre-registered to obtain the CPP. At the end of the year, the National Superintendence of Migration (SNM) reported the delivery of some 90,000 CPPs, as well as 23,000 humanitarian residencies.

Political instability continued throughout the year, with high turnover in key ministries affecting progress on initiatives related to refugees and migrants. While GDP increased by 13 per cent in 2021 as the Peruvian economy recovered from the effects of the pandemic, the currency depreciated and levels of unemployment remained high. Inflation rose 6.1 per cent and impacted the cost of living for refugees, migrants and host communities.