Peru Gov't provides immediate response to rain-related emergency

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Lima, Mar. 4.

Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos on Wednesday affirmed that the Government has provided an immediate response to the emergency caused by rains and landslides, which recently affected various regions in southern Peru.

In a press conference, following the Council of Ministers session, Zeballos highlighted the work carried out by senior government officials, who visited the areas hit by natural disasters.

"This brings to light the immediate action by the Executive Branch regarding its intervention in areas severely affected by rains," he expressed.

Additionally, the Cabinet chief acknowledged the effort, commitment, and solidarity of the Army and National Police members during the occurrence of emergencies.

In this sense, he announced the Government has decided to identify 165 districts, which are the hardest hit by rains, and stipulated that S/100,000 (around US$29,171) must be awarded to local governments in order to offset the damage that requires immediate and urgent action.

"The impacts (of the emergency) have no limits and severely affect family assets of several Peruvian citizens. Therefore, the President of the Republic asked the Council of Ministers to consider a social housing program —like the one implemented in the north of the country— for those who lost their homes, so that they can receive support from the State," he added.