Peru families battle extreme weather

Posted: April 30, 2010

By: Holly Drake

JUNIN, Peru - Below-freezing temperatures and heavy rains created a desperate situation for Miserlinda and her family.

Miserlinda's husband is a farmer and raises sheep, but the recent extremely cold temperatures caused many of their sheep to die-taking a toll on their family's already meager income.

Their 3 children-Alexander, Elias and Evelyn-brave the freezing temperatures and hard rains each day, but because they do not have enough warm clothing, when they return home, they go to bed in their same clothes, soaking wet from the rains. Miserlinda simply can't afford more clothing for her children.

Their small hut made of mud and straw is about 3 feet high. They live without electricity, running water, or a sewage system. A thin blanket covers a bed made of adobe clay, but it is hardly adequate for keeping them warm at night. Because of the conditions, one of Miserlinda's children developed a serious cough and the flu.

Other families in their community have also suffered severe illnesses and respiratory infections due to the weather as well as lost livestock.

Operation Blessing traveled to the department of Junin, where Miserlinda's town is located, to bring warm clothing to both children and adults in need. OB Peru distributed 61 boxes of clothing and 420 pairs of boots, reaching more than 1,100 affected people in this mountainous region of Peru-including Miserlinda and her family.

"Thank you for these gifts that we needed," she said. "I did not think that you would give me all these things, but I am so glad. A thousand thanks for me and my children."

Through the compassionate support of Operation Blessing, every day donors like you are helping to bring much-needed care and relief to impoverished families like Miserlinda's.