Peru: Evaluation concludes that the zones affected by the flooding require support from Oxfam International

Lima, Peru - Members of the Oxfam International Assessment Team that inspected the damages caused by the heavy rains during the month of January in various Andean regions of Puno, Peru, concluded their visit to various affected zones and coordination with regional private and public institutions. They have elaborated a preliminary evaluation report, which identifies the principal necessities of the communities and recommended initial short and medium-term support to the communities.
The team stated in their evaluation report that, "the necessity to assist the communities affected by the flooding is evident" and that this situation merits special attention to water and sanitation, health and food security.

In addition, having confirmed that this emergency has affected the basic needs and rights of many families, the team members recommend that Oxfam International participates together with other organizations in a project that attends to the immediate short and medium-term needs that have been identified by the team. Among these needs already identified:

  • Access to safe water through water containers, chlorine and training of community members to properly to treat water

  • Temporary and adequate shelter

  • Decontamination of water sources and small wells

The members of the OI team are currently in the process of concluding a project proposal to support the three most severely affect provinces in Puno and, in conjunction with the Oxfam International Emergency Team in Peru, have initiated a consultation process to estimate the amount of funds that this project will require.